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speech-2017.11.10 [ 2017-11-13 ]
Distinguished Talk

Mr. ChangPo Chiang
Yunlin County Police Bureau
Python Series Lecture I

Place: PC2 Classroom

10:00~12:00 Why Python Forensics?
13:00~15:00 Setting up a Python Forensics Environment
15:00~17:00 Our First Python Forensics App
speech-2017.10.02 [ 2017-10-05 ]
Distinguished Talk

Topic: Data Science in the Era of Big Data: Technologies and Applications.

Dr. Chun-I Philip Chen
Adjunct Faculty, Department of Computer Science
California State University, Fullerton
speech-2017.08.29 [ 2017-08-29 ]
Time: August 29, 2017. 14:00 ~ 15:50
Place: Vidio/audio Classrooom A
Speaker: Dr. Dayu Kao (Associate Professor, Dept of Im, CPU)
Topic: Investigation and Prevention Issue based on Information Security