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speech-2019.10.25 [ 2019-10-25 ]
Mr. Chun-Young Chang

Director of Information Office,
New Taipei City Police Department
speech-2019.10.09 [ 2019-10-09 ]
Distinguished Talk
Mr. Der-Ming Liu

Network Traffic Packets Analysis Association
speech-2019.08.29 [ 2019-08-29 ]
Distinguished Talk

Mr. Chien-Long Lin
9th Investigation Corp,
Criminal Investigation Bureau
Orientation - 881 [ 2019-08-21 ]
Time: 14-15:50, August 21st, 2019,
Place: Meeting Room

Chairman and their Advisor delivered a short talk about scope of Information Management and future career.
speech-2019.05.31 [ 2019-05-31 ]
Diestinguished Talk

Dr. Shih-Chieh Chien
Investigation Bureau, Ministry of Justice