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speech-2017.08.29 [ 2017-08-29 ]
Time: August 29, 2017. 14:00 ~ 15:50
Place: Vidio/audio Classrooom A
Speaker: Dr. Dayu Kao (Associate Professor, Dept of Im, CPU)
Topic: Investigation and Prevention Issue based on Information Security
Time: May 23, 2017
Place: Video/Audio Room C
speech-2017.05.18 [ 2017-05-18 ]
Distinguished Talk

Dr. Shuyuan Mary Ho
Assistant Professor, College of Communication and Information
Florida State University, USA.

Topic: Forensics perspectives of cyber threat and sociotechnical systems research of deceptive human computer interaction
speech-2017.04.28 [ 2017-05-01 ]
Distinguished Talk

Mr. Chen-Che Guan
Deputy Director-General ,National Police Agency
speech-2017.03.22 [ 2017-03-22 ]